New York Gives It One More Go. If It Doesn’t Happen Regulated Adult Use Could Be Two Years Away

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New York legislators are mounting a final bid for an adult-use cannabis bill before the current legislative session ends on June 19.

If this effort fails, legislators probably won’t have another shot at adult-use legalization for at least two years.

Last Friday, a group of State Senators unveiled Bill 1527A, which aims to merge the progressive Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA)—which has been introduced several times since 2013—with the legislation that failed to pass as part of this fiscal year’s budget.

Although Governor Cuomo has recently stated that he won’t use his political clout to persuade on-the-fence lawmakers to support the bill, the bill’s compromises may be enough to convince him to “twist arms.” 1527A presents a sort of final shot at legalization for the moment; if it fails to pass, it’s unlikely that legislators will have another stab at cannabis for at least two years.

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