New York holds hemp action day

The hemp industry came together across NY 15 September 2020, demanding the release of regulations from Governor Cuomo.

My Twin reports

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and Broome County Executive Jason Garnar were on hand at Castetter Cannabis Group headquarters in Kirkwood to voice their displeasures with the delay in regulations governing the quality of C-B-D products on the market.

Labeled New York Hemp Action Day, the two elected officials, along with Kaelan Castetter, spoke out about the need for regulations to ensure that all products are held to the same standards, and are safe for purchase and consumption by customers.

Lupardo was a part of the creation of the Hemp Extract Law, which governs the growth of industrial hemp as well as regulating hemp extract.

Lupardo says that while she understands that the Governor and the Department of Health are dealing with the pandemic, she is urging them to get the regulations out so businesses and companies can open up more jobs.

“I’m hoping that when the governor can that there are actual businesses waiting, businesses ready to bring on jobs, businesses that really want to do business in the state and help our struggling regions, that it will prompt him to release the regulations,” says Lupardo.

From a business aspect, Castetter says CBD sales have actually been up during the pandemic, saying people have been repeatedly coming back to purchase products for physical and mental wellness.

With this in mind, Castetter believes this is only the beginning for the industry, especially locally.

“I think that’s a very good sign. And it’s a sign that shows the hemp extract marketplace is here to stay. These extracts are going to be here to stay, not for the pharmaceutical companies, and those 3 or 4 companies that control the pharmaceutical industry in the United States. But, your small shops and small businesses. Farmers, manufacturers, like ourselves, throughout the state that can employ local, that can grow, and really develop communities,” says Castetter.

While the delay is frustrating to many, Lupardo did say that she believes the regulations are completed and ready to be released.

She also said that regulations will help smaller companies be able to comply and ensure that extracts and CBD products can remain over-the-counter, and not become controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.


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