Craig Delsack, New York canna-business lawyer writes ,

“On January 15, 2019, Governor Cuomo and his team – led by Assistant Counsel to the Governor for Health, Axel Bernabe and Assistant Counsel to the Governor, Jason Starr – have published  the draft legislation for New York State cannabis legalization.  

Here is the relevant portion of the law (click to view or download NYS Proposed Marijuana Cannabis Law 2019).

It is too soon to tell how the proposed law will change through the legislative process, but it is the basis for what will soon be legal cannabis in New York State. “




Full doc . Start Part VV Page 200

You then have 191 pages of draft legislation to plough through.

We look forward to 14 and half months of discussion, debate and everything else in between

It starts with……

It is hereby declared that such policy will best be carried out by empowering the state office of cannabis management and its executive director, to determine whether public convenience and advantage will be promoted by the issuance of registrations, licenses and/or permits granting the privilege to produce, distribute, transport, sell, or traffic in canna bis, medical cannabis, or hemp cannabis, to increase or decrease in the number thereof and the location of premises registered, licensed, or  permitted thereby, subject only to the right of judicial review herein after provided for. It is the purpose of this chapter to carry out that policy in the public interest. The restrictions, regulations, and  provisions contained in this chapter are enacted by the legislature for 01/15/19 the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the people of the  state. 3 § 3. D