It can’t come as a surprise that this reporting is appearing when there’s a news hack on the horizon…

The cannabis edibles, which can have both THC or CBD oil in them, look like gummy bear lollies or soft multivitamins.

With significant concerns in the United States the gummies are appealing to children, NSW Police is also echoing those fears.

While there are yet to be reports of children taking them in Australia, hospitality workers told they are rampant among Sydney’s restaurant scene.

“A lot of the staff on the floor take them or know where to get them,” said one worker at one of Sydney’s most exclusive restaurants.

“You also see them being passed around by customers because it just looks like they’re having lollies if you don’t know what they are.

“We know but a lot of people wouldn’t, and I guess they do it because it’s less obvious than doing lines of cocaine.

“This is a different high too, one that can get you through the day without frying your brain.”

In the US, CBD has been described as “the drug you can do at work” where people have reported popping a gummy when they arrive at the office each morning because CBD is the mellowing component of a high.

THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana such as lethargy and the munchies.

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