NH Republican Legislator, Dan Hynes, Says He’s Had Enough Of The State Party Constantly Voting Against Adult Use & Will Declare As An Independent

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A New Hampshire House lawmaker says that he’s defecting from the Republican party to become in an independent—in part because of his frustration over the Senate’s repeated refusal to approve marijuana legalization.

Rep. Dan Hynes said on Tuesday that he is leaving the GOP because he feels the party has lost touch with its founding principles, including promoting “individual freedom.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10100958029947666&set=a.726330481296&type=3&ref=embed_post

Among his specific contentions is that “Republicans in the senate almost unanimously voted against legalizing marijuana for adults” this session, referencing a House-passed cannabis reform bill sponsored by bipartisan leadership.

“It is clear they are out of touch with the overwhelming majority of their constituents, and that they do not respect or advocate for personal freedom,” Hynes said in a Facebook post announcing his decision.

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New Hampshire Lawmaker Defects From Republican Party, Partially Over Senate Marijuana Legalization Bill Defeat


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