NJ Cannabis Insider Interview… NJ Cannabis Regulator Commission Chairwoman Dianna Houenou and Executive Director Jeff Brown

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n this exclusive hour-long conversation with the state’s Cannabis Regulator Commission Chairwoman Dianna Houenou and Executive Director Jeff Brown for NJ Cannabis Insider, they offered insight into what it took to launch the state’s adult-use market. Houenou and Brown shared some of the challenges their state agency has faced as well as the challenges they see from operators — town approvals, real estate and raising capital. They addressed the need to keep the medicinal program robust for patients, working on ensuring a diverse and equitable market, and some of the surprises they’ve seen since the marketplace opened. This transcript, which focuses on 2022, has been edited for clarity.

Q: Why don’t we start with what you’d consider highlights of 2022 from your vantage point.

Houenou: The CRC is less than two years old. And in that time, we’ve been able to stand up a brand new agency, finish up old applications from the Department of Health, extending the medicinal program and start issuing awards for the adult-use industry. Our second quarter of recreational sales we saw $116.5 million in gross revenue.

Those numbers show there’s promise in the market that we’re establishing. There are 21 medical dispensaries that are also selling personal-use cannabis to adults, but we still have a lot of room to grow. And we have a lot of room for new cannabis entrepreneurs and also the ancillary businesses that support the cannabis industry.

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