NJ: Gov Murphy Suggests He Is Open To Homegrow

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Governor Phil Murphy (D) said he’s open to considering cannabis home cultivation legalization as activists have said two State Senators signed on as sponsors to a bill that allows medical cultivation.

Noted cannabis advocate and journalist Jay Lassiter posed the question online of whether Murphy would support cannabis home cultivation on the NJ News 12 call-in segment “Ask Governor Murphy.”

Anchor Eric Landskroner asked, “New Jersey voters demand marijuana legalization. But we’re still locking people up for up to five years for growing even one pot plant. Even medical marijuana users. Why?”

“I’m not sure there’s a good answer. It’s something that I would be open-minded to considering adjusting,” Murphy said.

“That’s not to say we’re not going to have a really good, smart regime,” he added.

Murphy was quick to note Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) Chair Dianna Houenou and Executive Director Jeff Brown are working hard on setting up a better cannabis industry.

“They’re putting a world-class industry together. I’m really impressed by it. And again, equity is right at the center of it. But there’s a lot I think a legitimate interest in allowing in some form or fashion homegrow. And I would just say I would be open-minded to that discussion,” Murphy said.

Being open-minded to something is not the same as being strongly in support. Murphy pushed cannabis legalization and decriminalization since his first campaign in 2017. However, he has never come out publicly in support of adult-use or medical cannabis home cultivation.

Read more at  https://headynj.com/murphy-open-to-cannabis-home-cultivation-as-support-builds-slowly-for-medical-bill/

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