NJ On Same Path As OR & CA – Looking To Pass Interstate Cannabis Trade Legislation

Marijuana Moment picked up on the legislation currently in the NJ Senate

The governor of New Jersey would be authorized to enter into agreements for interstate marijuana commerce with other states that have legalized cannabis under a new bill filed by Senate President Nicholas Scutari (D).

However, the agreements could only be forged if federal law changes, or if the Justice Department issues guidance permitting such activity.

With more state adult-use marijuana markets coming online in the Northeast region, the legislation is timely, proposing to create the policy infrastructure for interstate cannabis commerce that could significantly expand the currently fragmented industry and help resolve possible supply and demand issues.

The fact that the bill is being sponsored by the Senate president—who also championed the state’s legalization law—signals that this is a serious legislative endeavor.

But the federal policy conditions that are built into the measure leave questions about the timeline for implementation even if it is passed. The bill itself would take effect immediately upon enactment, but the governor could only initiate the interstate agreements if Congress or the Justice Department gives such activity the green light.

There are also regulatory requirements that must be agreed upon by each of the participating states. The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) and the legislature’s Joint Budget Oversight Committee would have certain oversight and rulemaking responsibilities to that end.

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New Jersey Senate President Files Bill To Allow Interstate Marijuana Commerce

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