Norwegian Activists Demonstrate Outside Office of the Norwegian Director of Public Prosecutions. Police Do Not Enforce Cannabis Laws

Interesting update just in from cannabis activists AROD Norway it seems that the authorities are now taking a slowly slowly approach with cannabis activists and not actively enforcing cannabis possession laws.


They write

Norwegian cannabis users appear to have won the drug war!

On 20 April, the Alliance for rightsoriented drug policies (AROD) and the Patient association for safe cannabis use (PASCAN) held a rally for human rights at the office of the Norwegian director of public prosecutions.

The event was historic. There were speeches, a great atmosphere, cannabis plants, and 100 grams of cannabis flowers were offered to the police to trigger the justice system. For fifteen years, Norwegian drug users have warned of human rights violations, but the political process and the courts have all failed to deliver on constitutional obligations.

The civil disobedience outside the Director of prosecutions was therefore the third campaign waged by AROD to protect the rule of law, and here are the speeches from that day (eng sub)

(156) 420 appeal to the Norwegian Director of Prosecution: Protect the Rule of Law – YouTube

Amazingly, neither the Director nor representatives of the law enforcement would accept the offer of court proceedings. Despite several attempts to deliver cannabis to the Norwegian authorities, law and order wanted no part of it, and 100 grams of cannabis were distributed outside the Director’s office to the delight of those present. Video here:

(156) 420 cannabisfest utenfor Riksadvokatens kontor – YouTube

After this demonstration, ARODs leader and other activists walked to the Storting with more cannabis. A rare sight on the main street of Oslo, the cannabis plants received much attention, and the response was all positive. “Is it a cannabis plant? Is it real? Can we touch it?” were questions heard.

At the Storting, AROD met a police patrol. The police were informed that the Director of public prosecutions and other people in power did not want the plant, and that the cannabis would be planted in front of the Storting. They were fine with that idea and three cannabis plants were put into good earth.

Video here:

Roar Mikalsen på Twitter: “Hyggelig samtale med politiet på vei til @Stortinget for å plante til ære for dagen” / Twitter

Torbjørn Vereide, a politician from the Labour Party (Ap) summoned the press. While the Norwegian press has been slow to report on this event, it will surely mark a new era. As Germany and other nations intend to regulate the cannabis market to protect public health, Norway can no longer take for granted that the prohibition pursues a legitimate purpose. To the extent that a regulated market makes more sense, the drug prohibition will have a problem with the constitution and the European Court has been asked to decide on this case.


For more info on ARODs civil disobedience and the fight for human rights, here is a great documentary:

(156) 420 Cannabisprotest for Human Rights – When the State has become an Enemy – YouTube

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