Not Sure About You But Would You Really Want Your Psychedelic Trip Planner To Have Gotten Their Credentials On A Super Discounted Course From MAPS For Only $119!!

Personally I think i’d get more benefit from doing psychedelics with my dog….

The Mind Medicine debacle in Australia (never mind MAPS troubles) are showing these “organisations” up to be what they are. Shonky shonksters selling courses to people on the cheap who then plough headfirst in providing or thinking they are providing therapy with no discipline and little or no benefit to anybody.

The pitch seems the same to me as a crypto or real estate marketing scheme

New Digital Learning Course: Psychedelic Fundamentals 

Psychedelic Fundamentals: First Course in MAPS Digital Learning Series

Psychedelic Fundamentals is the first course in the new MAPS Digital Learning series. This introductory course guides newcomers through the basics of psychedelics via a series of short, easy-to-follow lessons. Within a couple of hours, Fundamentals provides students with a broad overview of the most interesting and important aspects of psychedelic history, science, clinical research, therapeutic uses, and harm reduction, backed by over 36 years of MAPS experience.

In-depth courses on integration, peer support, and more are in development. Use code HTCYM for 25% off registration for Psychedelic Fundamentals or pre-orders of other MAPS Digital Learning courses, coming soon! 

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