Notes From The Floor: MJ Biz Con – The Chinese Are Coming 2

As an addendum to the blog post by Harris Bricken yesterday, Ed Harris the CEO and co-founder of Pacific Growth Capital notes the arrival of the Chinese at the conference this year.

A very small snippet that we find of interest as we weren’t at MJ Biz Con

Ed Harris is the CEO and co-founder of Pacific Growth Capital writes as one of his many points from his time wandering a space the size of a NASA aircraft hangar

Very international crowd, with what felt like a significant increase in the representation of Chinese vendors and attendees. China is the world’s second largest economy, so that feels like a very positive development for our industry.


We also like that he noted a couple of fashion tips at the conference


While the industry is fast losing its “stoner” vibe, it is still there if you look carefully enough. Most exhibitors by now are fairly corporate, with polo shirt-clad booth personnel.  But some businesses continue to embrace the industry’s outlaw image roots. The most popular tee shirt color continues to be black.

If you wear a cap, as is my habit (instead of displaying a bald dome to the outside world), prepare to be mistaken for a grower.


and yesterday’s blog post

Hemp. Here Come The Chinese……To Oregon First

This Harris Bricken article is a timely warning of the future of hemp now that the Chinese are in the market. They are probably a bit more positive than we would be and as Jonathan Bench writes in this piece. “our advice remains unchanged: be on your guard where China is involved. Use whatever applicable cliché you have: trust but verify; speak softly and carry a big stick; keep your friends close and your enemies closer; or tread lightly on thin ice.”

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