NZ Drug Foundation praises New York’s cannabis legalisation model, predicts ‘different outcome’ in referendum now

NZ Hub reports…

The New Zealand Drug Foundation says if the cannabis referendum were held today there would be a different result.

A referendum to legalise and regulate the drug failed to pass in 2020.

But one place where the law has changed is in New York, which is now enacting a unique approach.


When Newshub asked NZ Drug Foundation’s Sarah Helm if New York could provide a roadmap for NZ to do something similar, she said there are “certainly some elements from New York’s model that I would think is pretty on the money in terms of international best practice”.

The Drug Foundation believes New York could be setting a shining example for New Zealand. And despite legalisation failing at the last election, it says times have already changed.

“A number of those people who voted no would have voted yes for decriminalisation and some of those people who voted no now regret it. So I think we would have a different outcome,” Helm said.

Cannabis isn’t on the Government’s radar right now though so it could be a long time before another outcome is reached.

In the meantime, it’s a chance to watch how other markets are evolving, like New York to fast becoming a cannabis kingdom.

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