NZ Medical Cannabis Agency – Announcement: Extension of Medicinal Cannabis Scheme transitional arrangements to 30 September 2021

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The Government remains committed to continuing patient access to prescribed medicinal cannabis products and has agreed to further extend the transitional period to 30 September 2021.

The Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Regulations 2019 (the Regulations) came into effect on 1 April last year. The Regulations set a minimum quality standard for medicinal cannabis ingredients and products and introduced a licensing regime to enable the establishment of a domestic industry to cultivate, manufacture and supply medicinal cannabis.

The Regulations also provided for a transitional period to enable medicinal cannabis products that had already been imported into New Zealand as at 1 April 2020, to continue to be supplied without a product assessment until 1 October 2020. The transitional provisions were put in place to ensure that patients currently accessing these products were able to continue doing so while importers and suppliers provide evidence to the Medicinal Cannabis Agency to verify that their products meet the minimum quality standard.

Suppliers have indicated difficulties in providing evidence to establish that their existing products meet the quality standard, which is further complicated by COVID-19 affecting global supply chains. Cabinet have previously supported importers and suppliers to ensure that the supply of existing medicinal cannabis products was not disrupted, by extending the transitional period to 31 March 2021.

We strongly recommend that importers and suppliers submit their completed product assessment applications to the Medicinal Cannabis Agency by 31 March 2021, to ensure that the assessment of the applications can be completed by the end of the transitional period on 30 September 2021.



Fees for product assessments

The table below lists the fees for product assessments.

What is assessed Assessment fee
(including GST)
Consignment of starting material for export $6,037.50
Cannabis-based ingredients $7,705.00
Dried product $7,705.00
Dosage product* $15,410.00

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