OCA Political Action Committee Publishes List Of Cannabis Supporters For Mid Terms

Dear OCA Members and Friends,

The OCA Political Action Committee spent the summer interviewing candidates for the 2018 November election. The candidates that have been endorsed are candidates that the OCA PAC believes are advocates for the cannabis industry and will help propel the industry forward. We hope this list helps you on your Oregon ballot. Ballots are due by 8pm on November 6th. Every vote counts. Please see our list of candidates below, which can also be found on the OCA website here

OCA Political Action Committee Endorsed Candidates

Oregon House of Representatives

Rep. Helm (HD 34)

Rep. Fahey (HD 14)

Rep. Salinas (HD 38)

Rep. Bynum (HD 51)

Rep. Gorsek (HD 49)

Rep. Gomberg (HD 10)

Rep. Sanchez (HD 43)

Rep. Holvey (HD 8)

Rep. Piluso (HD 50)

Rep. Nosse (HD 42)

Rep. Evans (HD 20)

Rep. Marsh (HD 5)

House Majority Leader Williamson (HD 36)

Candidate Anna Williams (HD 52)

Candidates Tiffany Mitchell (HD 32)

Oregon Senate

Sen. Steiner Hayward (SD 17)

Sen. Riley (SD 15)

Sen. Prozanski (SD 4)

Sen. Manning (SD 7)

Sen. Wagner (SD 19)

Oregon Statewide

Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle

Governor Kate Brown

1211 SW 5th, Suite 2850

Portland Oregon 97204


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