OCA Response to Governor’s Pardon of Some Marijuana Convictions

Today Governor Brown announced that she is pardoning those people who, prior to 2016, were convicted of marijuana Possession of less than an ounce. We applaud the Governor’s decision to do this and are thankful for her work with the cannabis industry over her administration. This kind of real action impacts tens of thousands of Oregonians and is a great first step towards repairing the harm done by the war on drugs.

That being said, we hope that the next administration goes even farther. We know that there are many, many Oregonians who are still struggling with the stigma and impact of felony convictions for activity that is now legal. And, during this session, we will work on making sure that those people impacted by cannabis offenses, and who have existing felony convictions, receive the opportunity to have their charges automatically expunged or similarly pardoned. The OCA is hopeful that the following will occur:

1. Possession (when more than an ounce) or felony Possession convictions are automatically expunged or pardoned.

2. Delivery of a Controlled Substance Charges (marijuana) when not a commercial drug offense or substantial quantity are eligible for automatic expungement or pardon.

3. Convictions for Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance- this can mean growing or processing- when not a commercial drug offense are eligible for automatic expungement or pardon.

4. Possession of a Controlled Substance or Manufacture (psilocybin) are eligible for automatic expungement or pardon.

5. That, just like Governor Brown did during this pardon, all fines and fees associated with these convictions are forgiven.

Again, we are grateful for the work done by Governor Brown. This is a great first step. Join us in asking even more from the 2023 Legislature and incoming Governor Kotek.


The Oregon Cannabis Association

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