Ohio: Dispensary Licensee – Important Updates Alert 19 January

New Registry Support System
Bamboo Health (formally Appriss Health) has implemented a new Registry Support System that includes Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorials related to the Oho Medical Marijuana Registry, including navigating the Registry and Registrant log-in assistance. The System also provides comprehensive technical support to all users of the Registry. Users experiencing errors or other technical issues accessing the Medical Marijuana Registry can also submit a technical assistance ticket to Bamboo Health at https://medicalmarijuanaregistry.zendesk.com/.
Reminder: Elimination of Tier System
As of January 3, 2022, Tier 1 and Tier 2 for Plant Material for Vaporization product categories have been eliminated and replaced with Plant Material for Vaporization. Please see the following guidance:
Product IDs Approved Prior to January 3rd:
  • Product IDs approved prior to January 3rd will remain active and compliant to use.
  • Product IDs that follow the Tier format are compliant and should not be rejected by a dispensary solely because the tier is still included in the Product ID.
  • The days’ supply that corresponds to these IDs will no longer be accurate. Dispensaries will need to follow the updated Plant Material Day Supply Reference when entering the days’ supply in their point-of-sale system and the patient registry. It is recommended to update this information in the product inventory.
Product IDs Approved on or after January 3rd:
  • Items submitted for Product ID Assignment on and after January 3rd will need to follow the following naming convention to be Approved: [Plant Mat] – [Strain Classification] – [% THC] – [%CBD] – [Strain Name] (i.e. – Plant Mat – Indica-22-10 – OBP Test 1).
  • The days’ supply for plant material products will need to follow the updated Plant Material Day Supply Reference.
  • There should not be a need to modify Product IDs approved prior to January 3rd or register new Product IDs to correspond to the new naming convention because there is no expiration date for any approved Product IDs.
For more information regarding this topic see Plant Material Day Supply and Tier Elimination Update 12-15-2021.
As a reminder, and pursuant to rule 3796:6-2-09, upon termination of employment or when a dispensary employee otherwise ceases to be employed with a dispensary, the dispensary shall:
(1) Collect the employee identification card for destruction and disposal by the dispensary. The dispensary shall ensure the destruction of the dispensary employee identification card as soon as possible but no more than ten calendar days from the date of termination or separation.
(2) Submit a notice of separation to the board within ten calendar days of the termination or separation of the dispensary employee in a manner determined by the board.
A link to the Employee Separation Notification Form can be found here, which must be uploaded and submitted via the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy’s portal: https://www.pharmacy.ohio.gov/upload

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