Op Ed: Texas Cannabis Report Opines On Texas Legislature’s Approach to Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Here’s the introduction to their piece

In 2015 the state legislature passed a CBD medical marijuana bill for seizure patients who have to rule out brain surgery before they can consider treating themselves with a plant extract. In short, not many patients will benefit from this legislation, and some argue that no patients will benefit due to the wording of the bill, and because CBD by itself doesn’t always help with seizures. Some also wonder if such a small market will necessitate high prices.

Arthur Mayer, a retired military veteran who joined the Army at 18 and shipped off to Vietnam, had questions for state senators during a recent Senate Veterans Affairs Committee meeting, and one of them was about getting veterans access to medical cannabis.

Mayer, who lives in Burleson, has made many trips to the capitol in Austin over the years for purpose of speaking to legislators about marijuana law reform.

So as he sat there making his case for veterans who need medical marijuana for treating a host of issues, whether it be PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, pain, or to help reduce the intake of organ damaging pills, the chair of that committee, Donna Campbell, cut him off.

Dr. Donna Campbell is a board certified emergency room physician and proud parent of four daughters. She lives in New Braunfels and represents Senate District 25, a six county district which includes parts of San Antonio and Austin. She serves as the Chairwoman of the Veteran Affairs and Military Installations Committee and sits on the Education, Health and Human Services, Administration, and Intergovernmental Relations Committees.

Full Opinion Piece: http://txcann.com/texas-lawmakers-ignorant-lying-medical-marijuana-law-bill/

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