Opinion: DCMJ Are Furious With Biden – Read their latest missive

They are, unsurprisingly very unhappy bunnies.

Attention Cannabis Reformer:

In case you missed it, Joe Biden might be going senile. Many of you mentioned this before the election, but since so few of us wanted four more years of Trump, we collectively bit our lips, and supported Joe Biden. Unfortunately, that support just dried up.

First it was the firing of White House staffers for past cannabis use a few months ago- we thought that was a fluke. But with the introduction of his proposed federal budget a couple weeks ago, which includes his support for the Harris Rider, we’ve concluded that Joe Biden may be going senile and should be replaced by someone who actually once cared aboutMarijuana Justice, namely, vice-president Kamala Harris.

We are not being ageist. Rather we are calling attention to his inability to properly and coherently govern with respect to drug policy. First he said he would decriminalize the use of cannabis. Well you have to possess cannabis in order to use it (duh!), but instead of saying he would fully decriminalize the possession of cannabis, he said that he supports DC Statehood and would leave legalization up to the states, while at the same time moving cannabis to Schedule II.

This type of flip flopping is a tell-tale sign of being senile. You can’t make cannabis Schedule II but leave legalization up to the states. Adults can either get a prescription for cannabis and be able to cross state lines legally (Schedule II), or they can buy it legally in their state with or without a medical card and cross state lines without fear of arrest or harassment from the police (Federal Legalization). No one, except Big Pharma, wants cannabis as Schedule II because we all know it doesn’t fit the rules for scheduling.  Let’s not forget the Joe Biden of the 1990s either. We could say he’s come a long way, but has he?

We played nice at first, assuming he would realize that he made a mistake when he fired his staffers, but to double down and support the Harris Rider, that went too far… Even Congresswoman Norton called him out!

President Joe Biden, you are officially on our shit list. You can easily remove yourself from the stinky list by doing what the majority of Americans want: reform America’s outdated cannabis laws. The president can remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act with a stroke of a pen, but it appears that he’d rather eat ice cream than reform racist drug laws that he helped create and perpetuate.

Our response to Biden’s likely senility will be a topic of discussion at this Wednesday’s 420 Zoom Sesh (see below for more details). It is important to remember his budget is merely proposed and is not the final budget that will be passed by Congress later this year. It just means we now have to redouble our efforts to lobby members of Congress, who we didn’t elect, to remove the Harris Rider, again.

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