Opioid Bods At Purdue & Frends Want Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act To Cap THC

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Anti-drug coalition funded by Purdue Pharma opposes the CAOA

The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) is asking supporters to write to Senators to oppose the recently introduced Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act on the basis that the legislation doesn’t cap THC levels on products or require packaging to include warning labels, among other issues.

“Research on marijuana shows that it is contraindicated for fetal and adolescent brain development and is linked to attention, memory, motivation and learning problems in youth,” says the organization’s website, citing the opioid epidemic’s ongoing challenges. “Marijuana use is also linked to negative health and societal outcomes, such as increased workplace injuries, increased fatal car accidents, physical ailments, and serious mental health issues.”

Dr. Peter Greenspoon, a well-known cannabis advocate, noted that the organization is supported by a long list of corporate sponsors, including pharmaceutical companies such as Purdue Pharma, which paid out USD $6 billion in settlements for its role in the opioid crisis. Other sponsors include banks, consulting firms and the NFL.

Anti-drug coalition funded by Purdue Pharma opposes the CAOA

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