Oregon Cannabis Association Advocates for OLCC Enforcement Reform by Andrew DeWeese, Green Light Law Group

Our colleagues at the OCA have started to collect stories from OLCC licensees about the unjust and heavy-handed enforcement treatment they have been subject to by the OLCC, and we couldn’t be happier about their efforts [PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SHARE YOUR STORY DIRECTLY WITH THE OCA]. Our firm handles numerous OLCC notices of violation, and we consistently encounter similar issues in our practice. In their newsletter, the OCA includes a story from Christine Smith, the founder/CEO of Grön Holdings, Inc., which is typical of what we have encountered. In her words, “We deserve to be treated like businesses to be regulated, not criminals to be caught.” Let us shout this from the rooftops!
Please share your story with the OCA now, and let us move forward in solidarity to advocate for fair treatment.

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