Oregon: Company Suing The State Over Interstate Trade Withdraw Suit With No Other Explnation Other Than, “big things are coming on this front very soon.”

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Plaintiffs in a federal court case centered on interstate marijuana trade have voluntarily withdrawn their lawsuit against the state of Oregon, providing no public explanation for the move beyond saying that “big things are coming on this front very soon.”

Jefferson Packing House, a state-licensed cannabis wholesaler based in Medford, filed suit against Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) and others in November 2022, challenging a state law that bans exporting marijuana across state lines. While cross-border cannabis commerce is also illegal under federal law, the company said at the time that its goal was to invite Oregon officials to join them in pursuing reform.

“We recognize that marijuana is still illegal under federal law, and that this lawsuit will not change that fact,” the company said in a letter to state officials when the suit was filed. “However, we believe that the State of Oregon should be fully aligned with supporting its local marijuana industry, and therefore that Oregon law should no longer prohibit the export of marijuana to other states.”

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Oregon Company Withdraws Interstate Marijuana Trade Lawsuit, Saying ‘Big Things’ Are Coming ‘Very Soon’

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