Oregon Liquor Control Commission Say Yes To Hemp Infused Alcoholic Drinks

4 February 2017

Here’s the release that came through Friday 3 February along with a pdf on the subject

Portland, Ore. – The Oregon Liquor Control Commission released guidance today for Oregon brewers that outlines an exception for using industrial hemp in hemp-infused alcoholic beverages if certain conditions are met.  Marijuana-infused alcoholic beverages remain prohibited.

Under the exception, hemp-infused beverages are only allowed if the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has approved the beverage formula, in accordance with the April 2000 Hemp Policy. In addition, hemp-infused alcoholic beverage labels must comply with TTB requirements.

An OLCC liquor licensee must provide proof of all TTB formula and labeling requirements and receive approval from the OLCC, prior to the hemp-infused beverage being manufactured, imported, or sold in Oregon.

An advisory document on the marijuana ban, and the hemp exception can be found on the OLCC website.

Brewers interested in learning more about approval can contact Kelly Routt, 503-872-5007 or Kelly.routt@oregon.gov.

Marijuana industry representatives with questions about marijuana-infused products can call the OLCC at 503-872-5000 or marijuana@oregon.gov.


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