Oregon Mom Treated Teen Daughter’s Liver Cancer with CBD Oil, Gets 90 Days in Jail


An Oregon mother was sentenced to three months in jail and supervised probation for trying to keep her daughter from receiving surgery in 2019 to treat her liver cancer and instead attempting to treat the disease with CBD oil and vitamins.

Local station WLBT reports that the mother, 39-year-old Christina Dixon, became emotional on Monday when she received her sentence, which prosecutors believed to be too lenient.

According to The Oregonian, prosecutors originally sought a 19-month sentence against the mother for trying to keep her then-13-year-old daughter from receiving the recommended medical attention for her cancer diagnosis.

“The reason that [she] is alive today is because she got the chemotherapy, because she got surgery, because of tumors removed,” Deputy District Attorney Brian Powell told a judge at the sentencing hearing Monday.

But Circuit Judge Michael Wetzel opted to hand down a more lenient 90-day sentencing because Dixon’s daughter, now 17 years old, has continued to support her mother, according to WLBT.


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