Oregon: OLCC To Move HQ To Salem

Here’s what they are saying

Commission reviews planned HQ move to Salem

New warehouse still slated for Canby

Shift reflects State of Oregon shedding underutilized properties

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) will relocate from its current Milwaukie headquarters to State of Oregon office space in Salem instead of building a new office complex in Canby. The headquarters move, planned for the summer of 2025, will not affect current plans to build a new, more expansive distilled spirits warehouse in Canby to meet the steady growth of alcohol sales.

The OLCC Board of Commissioners reviewed the decision during its regularly scheduled meeting on August 17th. The review also included an update from Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services (DAS) enterprise asset management division on the state’s plans to rearrange its real estate portfolio.

The post-pandemic work environment has left DAS with excess owned and leased office space, so the agency is currently working to co-locate multiple state agencies into existing state owned and consolidated leased space. DAS projects it will take from five to seven years to exit existing leases, reposition, and “right-size” its real estate portfolio.

“I really like the planning that’s going into that, what that looks like, and I think taxpayers should be really happy to hear that the government is forward thinking on this,” said Commissioner Jennifer Currin. ““We are still in a fluid situation and we’re constantly changing, and I think downsizing and trying to reduce our footprint [is a great approach].”

The idea for OLCC’s headquarter employees to move to Canby was conceived before the pandemic and no longer meets that agency’s space needs with a significant number of those OLCC employees working remotely. Starting September 1, 2023, a new state policy makes permanent a remote work option for state employees; already more than 45% of state employees work remotely at least part of the time.

By shifting from building a new office OLCC expects to save about $19M; the agency will instead lease approximately 10 thousand square feet of office space for $250,000 annually.

“The way we work has changed since the pandemic, with many of our employees working away from the office under the state’s remote work policy,” said Craig Prins, OLCC Executive Director. “With the state enterprise formally embracing remote work, not building a new office complex in Canby is a financially prudent decision.”

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