Oregon Psilocybin Services – Winter Newsletter

Here’s their winter newsletter in its entirety.

Let’s hope that other Health Authorities around the country acnd create clear sensible information like this when it comes to psychedelics health and regulation.

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Oregon Psilocybin Services – Winter Newsletter
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Welcome to the Oregon Psilocybin Services Winter Newsletter.




What a year! The development period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022 came to a close with the adoption of final rules and the launch of the nation’s first regulatory framework for psilocybin services. Read the 2022: Year in Review for a summary of all the work we accomplished together in 2022.




Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has adopted the final set of administrative rules for Oregon Psilocybin Services. The rules are summarized in a Hearing Officer Report and in a Letter to the Public which outlines decisions made based on the feedback shared during the public comment period.

The rules implement the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act, otherwise known as Ballot Measure 109, which is now codified in Oregon law in ORS 475A. OPS began accepting applications for four licensure types, which include facilitator, service center, manufacturer, and laboratory licenses, as well as worker permits, on January 2, 2023.

OHA’s role includes the regulation of these licensees. Persons operating outside of the licensed system may be subject to criminal penalties which is a matter for local or state law enforcement.




As written in statute, Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) began accepting applications for licensure on Monday, January 2, 2023. Applicants can apply using the Training Program, Licensing, and Compliance (TLC) online portal or by using a paper application. An overview of the application process is summarized in the following guides, which can also be found on the website:


Facilitator License

Manufacturer License

Service Center License

Laboratory License


It will take some time for new businesses to become licensed and set up operations. Licensees will determine the cost of their services and the scheduling of clients once they are licensed and open for business.




If you are interested in learning more about Oregon Psilocybin Services, we recommend watching this new training video that gives an overview of the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act, ORS 475A. In this 25minute video, OPS staff present an overview of Oregon Psilocybin Services. The video has also been translated into Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL).

ORS475 Training Video

Watch the ORS 475A training video (English)

¿Qué es la ley de servicios de psilocibina de Oregon? (Español)

Watch the ORS 475A training video in American Sign Language (ASL)




OPS will not be introducing legislation this upcoming session. OHA generally does not take positions on bills, but we work with partners, community, and the legislature on any legislative concept we are made aware of that impacts our work or directs us to do work. It is part of the state agency legislative process to explain the effects that a particular concept or bill may have on the section’s work or potential impacts to licensees. Many times, there are important considerations, such as costs of implementation or concerns about equity, access, and safety, that OPS would want to highlight for those seeking to pass legislation.

Just as we did last legislative session, we would like to learn more about the concepts and bills that will be introduced in this upcoming session. If, and when, legislative concept or bill language is shared with us, we will provide feedback to the sponsors and supporters on any concerns or impacts of the concept, including impacts to our budget. This is part of the state agency legislative process within the executive branch of government.

For the upcoming 2023 legislative session, Oregon Psilocybin Services has identified one priority and that is to sustain our budget as we begin transitioning from state general funds to an entirely fee-based structure that was created by ORS 475A and passed by Oregon voters.

Capitol Building in Salem



We have received many inquiries about unregulated activity and confusion about our role. To clarify, ORS 475A directs OHA to regulate licensees. Persons operating outside the licensed system may be subject to criminal penalties which is a matter for local or state law enforcement.



OPS recently updated our website to improve navigation as our content grows. You will now see separate sections for “Licenses and Worker Permits” and “Training Programs”, along with other organizational changes.  

We added some new buttons:

Request a Meeting Button

Request a Presentation button

And we also have an updated email address (however our former e-mail will still get to the right place): OHA.Psilocybin@oha.oregon.gov

We welcome your feedback and want to make sure you’re able to find the information you’re looking for, so please do not hesitate to reach out with comments or questions.

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