OR’s Key Compounds Files Suit Against Hemp Refinery

Oregon CBD company Key Compounds is suing a Massachusetts hemp refinery, Phasex Corp, over a shipment of hemp extract that was seized for containing too much THC, leading to criminal charges.

Hemp Industry Daily reports… alleges that Phasex was responsible for the contents of an interstate shipment of hemp extract oil that was seized and found to have THC levels measuring between 2.5% and 5% – more than five to 15 times the level that can be legally shipped across state lines.

The shipment was seized by local law enforcement in Albany, Oregon, in January 2019.

See https://timesofcbd.com/a-cbd-processing-company-in-albany-or-key-compounds-has-run-in-with-law-enforcement/

The Suit



Hemp Industry Daily Report

Oregon CBD company sues lab over THC-laden extract shipment


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