Over 7000 cannabis dispensaries in Thailand, of which I visited over 500

Two years after marijuana was removed from Thailand’s narcotics list, over 7,000 cannabis dispensaries have been established. There are a wide range of these outlets, ranging from small independent Thai-run shacks with a few strains of weed to massive chains with a high-end interior.

We moved to Koh Samui last year and are now finally ready to launch our marijuana seeds for sale Thailand after navigating the complicated Thai system for a year. Upon conducting some research, it occurred to me that I should visit as many cannabis dispensaries as possible. As most of these were becoming tourist hotspots, I decided to start in Pattaya and Bangkok. The total distance I drove was over 2000 kilometres with a stop at Hua Hin on my way to Pattaya. Taking a 14-hour drive all at once was not appealing to me.

In Hua Hin, there are upscale shops on the central road and a tasteful night market known as Cicada. It was quite difficult to locate many dispensaries selling weed at first, so I drove around following weed maps from place to place to find them. The first guy I met was a very pleasant man from Switzerland who runs PTW called Thom. We had a pleasant discussion about Hua Hin business and it was interesting to observe how retailers seem to be left to operate freely. I gave Thom the link to our own affiliate program and left him with a warm feeling of satisfaction.

The authorities appear to have paid 99% of retailers in Koh Samui to be left alone. I know a guy who claims that he pays extra in Samui to be able to sell mushrooms and edibles without any issues. Hua Hin is a royal city, so I assume corruption is minimal. Marijuana is primarily sold near Hua Hin’s beach, walking street, and surrounding neighbourhoods. I visited approximately 30 dispensaries in this area, so I did not waste my time there.

More than 700 marijuana dispensaries are located in Pattaya

Having been traveling for many hours, I was exhausted and eager to begin working as soon as I arrived at Pattaya. I was staying at the Edge condominiums, a really impressive and affordable hotel in Central Pattaya. During the next three hours, I realized Pattaya was definitely the best starting point for my mission. Like a giant Chaweng on steroids, it never sleeps and is packed with dispensaries located just a few hundred meters apart.

There are many different types of people in Pattaya. Among them are Russians growing 2000 plants every cycle, Dutch, Spanish, Slovenians on a variety of levels. The places range from very chill and homey to very gangster-style, but the people remain quite cool everywhere they go. It is not recommended to visit Pattaya if you are married because it is dotted with beautiful dancing devils waiting to steal your soul. In the streets of Bangkok there are a great deal of girl bars as well as boy bars, perhaps the greatest concentration I have seen in Thailand. However, I managed to stay focused on my mission and reach home around 1 a.m.

A number of marijuana chains stand out to me, including Blowweed, Kanna Pure, and many dispensaries carrying the trademark ‘The Old Weed Man’. I assume they supply wholesale weed to smaller independent shops. They seem to sell wholesale weed for 50 – 120 baht ($1.50-$3.50). The retail price ranges between 200 – 700 baht ($5.50 – $20) per gram, depending on the quality. It is interesting to learn that the price is determined by the size of the buds. A good idea is to sell wholesale buds in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The big colas at the top of the branch command the highest prices, while popcorn or smaller buds at the bottom command the lowest prices.

To my surprize out of all the many shops I visited and owners I spoke with less than 1% of them have Marijuana Seeds for Sale. Out of all the shops in Pattaya I found just a few and there were mostly just selling their own bag seeds they found in personal grows.

The process of following maps of marijuana dispensaries required some planning and an intense amount of walking during my two and a half-day stay in Pattaya. Several places, including The Old Weed Man, Baboon, Cannaburi and Wichai Paipar, felt like home to me. I was greeted by a cozy and intimate environment upon entering the lounge. If you do not like upmarket environments, this place will deliver a soothing aura of peace regardless of your level of anxiety.

My walking plan was way too intensive and my soft running trainers more than paid for themselves. After walking 40 km in 2.5 days without socks, I considered throwing my shoes away.

Over 2000 marijuana dispensaries are located in Bangkok.

Three nights in Pattaya, followed by two hours of driving to Bangkok. In Bangkok, motorbike traffic weaves in and out, encircling your car in all directions. The 14th February was Valentine’s Day, so there was so much traffic that I drove one loop of 500 meters back to my hotel in 75 minutes. Due to the fact that walking around Bangkok would be impossible, I decided to rent a motorbike for three full days in order to visit as many dispensaries as possible.

After I received my bike, I discovered that weed shops do not open until midday, when the heat is at its peak. After waiting until midday, I plan to whizz around like a Grab Thai delivery driver I observed on the way into Bangkok when the heat subsides. Although this was a slightly risky option, it proved highly effective since I visited many dispensaries the following day. I then drawn a map covering the entire north side of Sukhumvit Road.

It is known as the hub of weed dispensaries on Sukhumvit Road. It contains big players including Greenhouse Seeds and Royal Queen, as well as ultra-activist Chopaka’s shop. Chopaka is well known for her involvement in the cannabis movement in Thailand. The film crew was filming a documentary next to me while I passed, and she commented next to me. I became star struck, and she appeared too busy, so I left and continued to my next destination.

Several elite dispensaries are located in Bangkok. In Bangkok, this industry has clearly attracted considerable money, as is evident by its high real estate prices and deluxe décor. If you are looking for the best, Sukhumvit Road offers prime real estate locations and luxurious décor. ‘The Dispensary’ has become a premier venue and venue for important events. It is quite impressive to see a ring of marijuana plants growing around an external window display. The digital content that I captured in Bangkok is among some of my most memorable and favourite.

Dispensaries operated by foreign entities in Bangkok seem to be fewer than those in the other provinces I visited. Since the majority of shops do not grow any weed themselves, there seems to be a monopolistic situation in play. Most are vendors that sell weed supplied by larger farms. In Sukhumvit Road, the most prominent and premium brands are operated by the company, which has a foreign CEO and has a foreign CEO. Under the OG Canna Company umbrella, there are eight dispensaries, including Cloud 9, Kush House, Wonder Land, Mary Jane, Juicy Buds, and Lucky Lukes.

Over 800 Cannabis Dispensaries in Phuket and visited 200 of them

Phuket in my opinion is a very pleasant alternative that combines the hustle and bustle of Bangkok with a watered-down atmosphere to Pattaya. For more down to earth shops that are mostly run by independent owners I think the islands and popular tourist destinations are better places to visit than Bangkok.

In Phuket it seems that because there are more independent cannabis retailers, they were a lot more interested in buying seeds. I recommended out Top 10 Marijuana Strains Thailand Strains to many retailers and have got some good business from the meetings I had.

The main concentration of marijuana dispensaries in Phuket are located in Patong. This is where you will find some of the best and most popular outlets. The range is immense with super high premium to cool budget shops. The variety will certainly offer something for everyone. There is a nice strip of shops run by really nice Indian guys along the north side of just outside of the main walking street.

Wherever you are located in Phuket you won’t be far from a cannabis dispensary. 

  • Patong has the highest concentration of around 200-300 weed dispensaries
  • In Hai Harn there are around 20 cannabis dispensaries
  • In Bang Toa there must be around 30-40 marijuana dispensaries
  • Around Kamala beach there are around 20-30 cannabis shops
  • Karon has around 20-30 marijuana retailers
  • Kata region has approximately 50-60 cannabis outlets
  • Rawai is a little more spread out with 20-30 Ganja dispensaries
  • Phuket Old Town has an estimated 50-60 bud dispensaries

The Thailand Cannabis industry is growing at a very fast rate. The prices just a year ago almost double what retailers are now charging. With a massive over supply that is bubbling in this market it seems the prices will keep falling. 

From my personal research it seems wholesale prices in general start at around 50 baht and go up to around 150 for the highest premium buds. The retail prices for cannabis vary massively from around 200 baht all the way up to 1500 for some killer moon rocks. Realistically with a wholesale value of just $1.50 to $4 it is hard to see massive profit in commercial farming now.

If you are thinking of setting up in Thailand, its maybe not the best time now to invest. The market is way over saturated and the new prime minister has his priority set on introducing strict laws that will attempt to curb the cannabis trade. There does seem to be a majority opinion that the government will not succeed in banning THC over 0.2% now. There is way too much money flooding in and too many big players to contend with. The money in tax revenues and the masses of jobs that have opened up now in Thailand can not be reversed. 

We offer Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Thailand and currently have 7 brands we are representing. 

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