PA Legislators Propose Selling Recreational Cannabis Via State Liquor Stores

Erie News Now reports


State lawmakers are considering a new bill that would drastically change marijuana laws in Pennsylvania.

The proposal calls for legalizing recreational marijuana and selling it through the state liquor store system.

The legislation would allow customers to purchase both products at the same store.
The bill would also expunge low-level cannabis convictions and allow individuals to grow up to six marijuana plants.

Sen. Dan Laughlin says he supports legalizing and taxing recreational marijuana.

“Anybody in Pennsylvania that wants to use cannabis already is,” said Sen. Laughlin. “I’m just trying to regulate it, put it in a safe environment to buy it, and tax it.”

However, Sen. Laughlin does not want marijuana controlled by the state liquor system.

“I’m not a big fan of that method,” said Sen. Laughlin. “Honestly, I don’t think the state should be selling liquor in the first place, let alone adult-use cannabis. I know obviously there’s some proposals out there to do just that, but quite frankly, if we’re going to get a bill through the legislature and on the governor’s desk, it’s not going to include that.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Jake Banta says he needs more information before decides to support or oppose the proposal.

“I think we ought to do a study on what other states have done,” said Rep. Banta. “It’s not just as simple as, to me, just saying let’s pass something.”

Governor Josh Shapiro is also proposing legalizing and taxing recreational marijuana in the 2023-2024 budget.

If approved, it’s estimated to generate $188 million in annual revenue by 2028.


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