Pairing the correct glass water bubbler with your Flowerpot vaporizer


The Flowerpot vaporizer bundles put together by Sydney Vaporizers are the absolute pinnacle when it comes to dry herb vaporization. The components, mainly from Cannabis Hardware in the USA, are made from very high quality titanium and Stainless steel, with some parts also machined out of aluminium. One of the most amazing things about a Flowerpot vaporizer bundle is that all the parts are customizable and interchangeable, and S.V’s Flowerpot B1 bundle comes with a very cool little glass bubbler, but there is a huge range of different bubblers out there, and this article will help you decide which glass bubbler is the right choice for you and your Flowerpot setup.

The vape bubbler supplied in the S’.V’s Flowerpot B1 bundle is a very cool little bubbler, that is well designed with the heat source benign a very comfortable distance away from the face, when inhaling.

However, one small drawback is that because it is a very small bubbler, it does not hold much water, and many users will much prefer a bubbler that has a much bigger chamber that holds more water, and also more vapor before being inhaled. Many users prefer more water as the more water in the chamber, the more efficient is the cooling process, allowing you to dial the temps as hot as possible before combusting, knowing full well that the water in the bubbler will cool that vapor down so that it is pleasant to inhale.

The new Mega Cylinder glass Bubbler from Sydney Vaporizers is the perfect all rounder glass bong. It has 2 x 14mm Female connection points so is compatible will the 14mm male post supplied with S.V’s Flowerpot bundles, and also has a separate glass downstem with a 10mm connection point on top, which allows the user to pair with any 10mm male connections, which is a very popular size with the Dynavap range of battery free dry herb vaporizers. The Mega Cylinder bubbler also comes with a silicone whip for either inhalation, or extraction, and a very well designed glass mouthpiece. The S.V Mega Cylinder Bubbler is made from a highly durable glass, and has a diamater of approx 120mm, and its height from base to the 14mm Female connection points is approx 130mm. The bubbler itself also holds up to 500ml of water, which both aids in the cooling process, but also adds weight to the bubbler ensuring that it is completely stable standing on its own on the table or desk.

The ‘Greeny’ from Sydney Vaporizers is a perfect all round glass bubbler that is made from a very durable glass, and has some beautiful green tints on the mouthpiece and the base, which makes it visually stunning! This bubbler has an adequately sized chamber, much larger that the bubbler supplied in the bundles, and has a percolator style of bubbling action created by the way the air intake holes have been placed within the glass downstem. The Greeny stands at approx 220mm tall, and the 14mm female connection point is a good distance from the face when inhaling. The shovelhead bowl from the bundle with the 14mm male post makes this bubbler a great companion to your Flowerpot B1 bundle setup. The Greeny is one of Sydney Vaporizers best selling glass vape bongs.

The ‘Monsoon’ is also highly recommended as an awesome pair for your Flowerpot bundle. This impressive glass vape bubbler stands at a similar height, and is a similar shape to the Greeny, standing at approx 225mm tall, however, the Monsoon bubbler has an 18mm female connection point. If you want to pair this bubbler to your Flowerpot bundle, you will need to purchase the 18mm Male post to go with your Shovelhead bowl. This bubbler also has a unique percolator style glass downstem, allowing the vapor to spiral around in the water as it is efficiently cooled, allowing the user to hit your herb at very hot temperatures safely.

If you have bought yourself a Flowerpot B1 or B2 bundle from Sydney Vaporizers, then you have got yourself the absolute pinnacle in dry herb vaporizaiton, and if you want to elevate that experience even further, then you cannot go past a new glass water bubbler like the mega Cylinder, or the Greeny, or the Monsoon, all available at

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