Pakistan: 30kg hashish seized from jail official’s house

SAHIWAL: Harappa police have recovered 30kg hashish from the native house of a prisons official serving in the Faisalabad region.

Harappa police claimed hashish was packed and buried in the courtyard of Assistant Superintendent Prisons Anjum Shah’s village (188/9-AL) home

Sub-Inspector Muhammad Aslam of Harappa police station told Dawn that Anjum Shah had been involved in drug trafficking since long.

He said the police had arrested Israr Shah, also involved in this heinous trade, who claimed getting supplies from Anjum Shah.

He further told police that Anjum had buried hashish in the courtyard of his village house.

Police sources said Anjum was currently attending professional training for becoming deputy superintendent.

In another incident, Ghala Mandi police arrested Sherain Agha and seized 3kg heroin from his house.

Drugs availability inside prisons across Punjab has been an old problem.

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