Pakistan: 5,289 drug dealers held in 5 months

PESHAWAR: As many as 4,726 cases have been lodged and 5,289 dealers have been arrested in operations against the drug mafias in the provincial capital during the current year, an official said on Friday.

Capital City Police Officer Ashfaq Anwar told reporters that operations against the drug dealers, traffickers and manufacturers had been accelerated in the last few weeks. “More operations are being carried out in the vicinity of educational institutions and hostels,” he added.

The CCPO said that during the current year, 5,289 members of different gangs involved in sale and smuggling of heroin, ice, hashish and other drugs have been arrested.

“About 177 kilograms of ice, 80 Kgs of heroin and 866kgs of hashish have been recovered in operations during the last five months,” said Ashfaq. He added that 30kgs of ice, 162kgs of hashish and 8kgs of heroin were recovered only during the last two weeks.

An operation has been launched against the major drug dealers, manufacturers and traffickers across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after witnessing unprecedented increase in use of narcotics, particularly ice.

An official said the KP Police, Excise and Narcotics Control Department and the Anti-Narcotics Force have planned major actions in all the major districts and towns of the province after a decision by the apex committee.

A number of operations in the past failed only after the officials on the ground focused more on showing an increased number of arrests to the bosses and added false cases to the list instead of breaking the real network through better intelligence gathering and effective operations.

A source said that intelligence was being gathered about the factories and dealers of ice in urban and suburban areas while action was planned against the mafias and facilitators involved in supplying ice, heroin and hashish to the youth in educational institutions and hostels.Apart from police, other departments have also been given more powers to go after drug dealers, manufacturers and traffickers.

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