Pakistan: Seven suspects held with three tonnes of hashish in sea raid

The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) and the Pakistan Customs have claimed foiling an attempt to smuggle a huge cache of narcotics during a joint intelligence-based operation.

Pakistan Customs spokesperson Irfan Ali said on Wednesday that during the operation, seven smugglers were apprehended in the north Arabian Sea and 3,000 kilogrammes of hashish was seized from a stateless boat.

The value of the narcotics in the international market is estimated to be Rs300 million. The spokesperson said the Pakistan Customs was investigating to unearth the group involved in drug smuggling and to ascertain if the proceeds of the narcotics were to be used in other criminal or anti-state activities.

The spokesperson said the successful operation by the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency and the Pakistan Customs, resulting in the seizure of narcotics was a testament to the fact that they were vigilant and committed to preventing the use of Pakistani waters for any unlawful act or purposes.

The PMSA and the customs would continue to shoulder their national obligations and responsibility to establish lawful order at sea, the spokesperson added.

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