Participant: NEARCP – New England Association of Recovery Court Professionals

New England Association of Drug Court Professionals (NEADCP) Has Changed Our Name to New England Association for Recovery Court Professionals (NEARCP)

In celebration of twenty-five years of New England Drug Courts as well as twenty years of our organization, the President and Board of Directors are pleased to announce we are now The New England Association of Recovery Court Professionals (NEARCP). This new name better reflects our comprehensive approach for high-risk participants in an era of expanding treatment courts including, but not limited to, Veteran, Family, Juvenile, Re-Entry, Mental Health, DUI, Federal and Tribal courts. Multiple studies show drug courts/recovery courts reduce crime, are cost effective and save lives.

NEARCP’s enhanced mission is not only treatment but also “recovery” in all of its varied definitions. “Recovery” includes substance use disorders as well as “Recovery” from a lifestyle conflicted by other conditions such as PTSD. Our organization will, despite its name change, continue to focus on the best practices of the treatment court model.

Our Mission

We provide a forum, through training, technical assistance, and information sharing, to promote the development of sound drug treatment court programs throughout New England that apply — and stay current with — evolving evidence based practices and emerging issues to meet the full range of needs of the individuals eligible for drug court services.

Our Goals

  • To provide high quality training, technical assistance, information sharing
    mechanisms and other support to the drug treatment courts in the six New England states, tailored to the needs and issues they are addressing.
  • To promote coordination and sharing of information and resources, as feasible, in the development of policies and practices relating to the drug court programs in New England.
  • To provide a central repository of resources relating to the development,
    operation and administration of drug treatment courts in New England which
    highlight regional and state-specific issues not readily targeted in national resources and which New England programs can utilize and share.
  • To develop a range of collaborative relationships, at multiple levels, with
    federal, state and local governmental and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to promote potential partnerships to enhance NEARCP’s training, technical assistance and outreach and to increase its visibility.

What is a Drug/Specialty/Recovery Court?

Drug Courts/Recovery Courts are an effective alternative to incarcerating repeat, non-violent drug offenders. In lieu of jail, addicts are mandated to receive comprehensive treatment, which peer reviewed research shows reduces relapses and re-arrests. There are now over 4,000 drug courts in the United States.

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