Pennsylvania: Sen. Mike Regan (R) Co-Sponsors Cannabis Bill

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A Republican Pennsylvania senator and former federal law enforcement agent announced on Monday that he will be filing a bill to legalize marijuana in the state—and he’s asking his colleagues to join him in the effort.

Sen. Mike Regan (R), who chairs a key committee with jurisdiction over law enforcement issues, characterized legalization as “inevitable” and is circulating a cosponsorship memo to build support for the forthcoming measure. Before taking office, he served as a U.S. marshal, making it all the more notable that he’s taking this step to end criminalization and enact a system of regulated cannabis sales for adults.

“I had the opportunity to work in federal law enforcement at the height of the drug war, so I know the seriousness of drug use,” Regan wrote. “But I am also cognizant that there has been a significant decline in arrests and prosecutions for personal use amounts of marijuana in recent years.”

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GOP Pennsylvania Senator With Federal Law Enforcement Background To File Marijuana Legalization Bill

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