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The legislation also spells out the following for cannabis businesses :

  • Twenty-five grower licenses and 50 dispensary licenses initially will be allowed, with each dispensary license allotted up to three different locations for a total of 150 storefronts.
  • Up to five of the 25 grower licenses also will be allowed to have vertically integrated dispensaries, while a person cannot have more than five dispensary licenses and no more than one grower license. The number of grower and dispensary licenses could expand in the future.
  • Application fees will cost $10,000 for growers, while licenses will cost $200,000 and be good for a year. Renewal fees will cost $10,000. Applicants must also prove they have $2 million in capital, $500,000 of which must be on deposit in a financial institution.
  • Dispensary application fees will be set at $5,000, while dispensary licenses will cost $30,000 and be good for a year. Renewal fees will cost $5,000. An applicant must show they have $150,000 of capital on deposit in a bank.

The rest of their article on the subject is well worth a read.

Essentially they say that the market could become one of the country’s largest if the state get all the rules and regulations correct at the first attempt

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