Podcast – HBW Insight: CBD In Europe – The State Of Play Today

Executive Summary HBW Insight editors David Ridley and Tom Gallen discuss the current state of play concerning cannabidiol dietary supplements regulation in Europe, and find out what consumer health companies need to know according to CBD expert Greer Deal from Global Regulatory Service.

HBW Insight’s David Ridley (Senior Editor, EU) and Tom Gallen (Managing Editor, EU) discuss the current situation with cannabidiol dietary supplements in Europe, covering the latest moves by the European Commission to classify CBD as a narcotic, as well as the way that individual member states Germany and France have approached the regulation of this popular ingredient.
We also get the lowdown from CBD expert Greer Deal, director, Global Regulatory Services, on what the key considerations are for consumer health companies either already operating in this exciting space, or are thinking about entering the European CBD market.



Source:  https://hbw.pharmaintelligence.informa.com/RS150616/Podcast-CBD-In-Europe–The-State-Of-Play-Today

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