Pondering Pot Analyzes Australian Institute Of Criminology Illegal Cannabis Market Report

As the report says the federal govt is fully aware of how huge the market is and how they seem happy to let it reside in the hands of organised crime.. But, let’s be honest this particular federal govt couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery as evidenced by every day of 2021 so hoping things might improve is nothing but a dream.


Pondering Pot write by way of a wrap-up.

It’s a large, stable, and a billion-dollar industry. Why do we continue to allow criminals to siphon our Australian dollars overseas instead of legalising and regulating it just like alcohol and tobacco. Thousands of jobs, potentially billions in tax revenue, and a safer product for consumers.

Thankfully, there are some politicians with sense. Newly elected Western Australian MP Brian Walker of the Legalise Cannabis WA Party is on a mission to promote change across the state.

Read their full report at  https://www.ponderingpot.com.au/national/australian-government-says-cannabis-market-is-large-and-relatively-stable/

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