Pondering Pot Is Following The Victorian Cannabis Commission Where People Like “Drug Free Australia” Say cannabis turns “violence and aggression into homicide”

Here’s the introduction to their in-depth piece laying out some facts as well as the silliness of the likes of Drug Free Australia..


Drug Free Australia says cannabis turns “violence and aggression into homicide”


The state of Victoria in Australia has formed a committee to look into the use of cannabis throughout the state. Part of their duties is to accept written submissions from the public, conduct their own research, and listen to submissions made during public hearings.

Research Director of Drug Free Australia Gary Christian was one of the seven submissions heard by the committee during the hearing on May 19th. And he couldn’t have provided a better example of the cannabis fear-mongering which has plagued the past century if he tried.

Unironically, he starts off just like many teachers learning new technology did back in the day – having difficulties getting his Powerpoint to start. He quickly apologised and went on to present his first slide.

Slide 1 Drug Free Australia
Slide 1

We’re not going to waste our time rebutting any of those points as he failed to provide any sources (however he has in other slides).

But really, potential cannabis harms include violence and aggression which escalate into homicide? It’s unlikely any rational person in this world thinks of cannabis this way. Except for Gary Christian of course.

A lot of the violence and aggression actually turns into homicide. This is a world-wide known phenomenon about cannabis. They kill the people that are closest to them.

To Gary Christian – if you can provide one documented source where cannabis use, and only cannabis use, has directly caused someone to murder one of their friends or family, we’ll shut down this website and join your cause – helping Australia become drug free (including alcohol, coffee, pain killers, opioids, and tobacco).

Slide 2 Drug Free Australia
Slide 2

Drivers are 16 times more likely to hit obstacles – this one has to make you chuckle at least a little bit. Again, no source, and no explanation as to where the figure has come from. The only “driving issues” with cannabis in Australia at the moment are the rubbish regulations.

He goes on to say that “some people think that they can use cannabis to alleviate autism…it is a major cause of autism”. You have no source Gary Christian, but we do. Here’s a real study, lead by real people, in a real environment, showcasing just how beneficial cannabis is in treating autism.

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