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Hemp growers in Portugal got some long-awaited clarity on cultivation oversight this week after legislation naming the country’s regulatory bodies for hemp crops took effect.

Under guidelines that took effect on Wednesday, the cultivation of EU-certified industrial hemp in Portugal will be regulated by four state agencies:


The Guidelines

Regulatory Decree No. 2/2020

Publication: Diário da República no. 150/2020, Series I of 2020-08-04
  •  Issuer:Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  •  Proponent Entity:Agriculture
  •  Diploma Type:Regulatory decree
  •  Number:2/2020
  •  Pages:8 – 10
  •  ELI:https://data.dre.pt/eli/decregul/2/2020/08/04/p/dre
 PDF version: Download

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