Portuguse medical cannabis exports increase by 600% says new report

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New record for Portugal : in 2021 cannabis exports increased by 600% compared to 2020 and for 2022 the forecasts are rosy. 

Today, therefore, in the European panorama together with France, the United Kingdom and Germany, there is a new protagonist of the five-pointed market. Here are all the details.

Portugal among the new protagonists of the European cannabis market

At the end of 2019, in an interview published on Observador.pt , Eurico Castro Alves, former president of Infarmed (Autoridade Nacional do Medicamento e Produtos de Saúde) had stated that, within a few years, cannabis would soon become one of the protagonists of the Portuguese GDP. A few years later we can say that the forecast has come true, and well in advance.

If in 2020 Portugal had sold 4.5 tons of cannabis produced in the country outside its national borders, in 2021 it reached the record figure of 30 tons of inflorescences , thus recording an increase of more than six times compared to the previous year. And the growth does not seem to stop. According to the latest data shared by Infarmed, in fact, in the first two months of 2022 alone, 10 tons of cannabis have already been exported , which anticipates another record year.

To make the fortune of the country, today one of the most promising territories in the European basin of the Mediterranean, the favorable climatic  conditions, particularly suitable for the production of this plant for medicinal purposes, and above all the regulations approved by the government in the last 20 years. In 2001 Portugal was in fact the first European state to decriminalize the use of all narcotic substances and in February 2019 the law authorizing the cultivation and export of cannabis came into force.

Also underlining the country’s potential is Olaf Van Tulder , executive director of Symtomax , a company based in Porto that is developing the largest cultivation site in Europe. “In Greece electricity is very expensive, in Italy there are businesses you don’t want to be involved with . Spain and Portugal are the best countries for growing, in greenhouses or outdoors ”.

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