Press Release: Calgary to host the first ever coast to coast legal “cannabis cup” competition open to growers of all kinds across Canada

(CALGARY, AUGUST 19) This October, the Canadian cannabis industry – and legions of canna enthusiasts – turn their attention to Calgary as the city plays host for the fourth time, to the popular Hempfest Cannabis Expo.

This time around, organizers are introducing an exciting new component. Industry watchers say that the “The Hempfest Cup”, the first ever fully legal, coast to coast competition to include testing from a verified lab, is expected to put Calgary in the forefront of the Canadian cannabis space, and a whole new population of tourists are making travel plans for a first time visit to the Stampede City.

“This is truly a game changer,” say Hempfest organizers.  “There are more than a hundred licensed producers in Canada and a few more micro producers with dozens of different strains, grown across the country with different methods.  Until now, Canadians haven’t had a true chance to learn about how they all compare. The Hempfest Cup is the first fully compliant, legal, cannabis growing competition in Canada that is open to EVERY legally compliant cannabis growing company and personal grower from Vancouver Island to the Maritimes and Quebec.” It’s also the first legal cannabis cup on the continent held in a country where cannabis is legal from coast to coast.   

And the best news for Canada’s canna-soeurs and master growers?   This ISN’T just for the big corporations. Whether a big time or a small time grower, or even if you’re an individual growing for your own medical needs or under the new four plant legal recreational plant grow – and you think you’re growing some of Canada’s finest cannabis – The Hempfest Cup is your chance to shine on a national level.  “For years, cannabis grow competitions have existed, and for years the growing community had been forced to stay underground.,” Hempfest organizers said in a statement for news media, “ We are the first to bring these competitions into the light and legitimize them, bringing mainstream attention to them right across Canada.”

“We are opening up the world for those master growers and geneticists who worked in the dark for so long, to have the opportunity to introduce their unique cultivars to the business world.  We’re in talks with several LPs about future events where winners of the Cup will have a purse prize and the opportunity to see their product brought to the Canadian marketplace.  The thought of being able to introduce the growers that went through years of wrongful prohibition, and to give them a stage to show the world what they can do, is the real reason we are doing this.”

This competition is also unique, in that every entry also includes testing by Keystone Labs Inc, a registered and licensed lab in Alberta. Every sample that gets submitted will go through a 3 tier grading system; with all three tests put into a grading system to determine the results. First it is tested by Keystone Lab to test for Cannabinoid and Terpene Profiles. Next, It is given a physical inspection using the Andrew Freedman (Cannabis Sommelier) method.  Finally, it is given a judge approved usage test.

The Hempfest Cup is an opportunity for anyone who can legally grow cannabis in Canada to show Canadians the very best of what they have to offer in a competitive environment.  Consumer advocates point out that this inaugural event is also introducing valuable information both recreational users and those interested in using cannabis medicinally can use to make the choices that are right for them.

* There are 8 competition categories : Best Outdoor (sungrown, personal ACMPR),  Best Indoor  (personal , ACMPR), Best Sativa Flower, Best Hybrid Flower, Highest THC Flower, Highest CBD Flower, Best Indica Flower, Best Medical Cultivator.  Organizers have just announced a bonus feature category, Best Female Grower.

The Hempfest cup is open to legally compliant cannabis growers of all kinds, from LPs to Microgrowers to individuals growing medically or under the four plant legal recreational grow.  Growers who want can register to be included in the competition at, until the September 12th deadline.

The addition of the Hempfest Cup is only one of the components of the 4th Calgary Hempfest that has organizers, attendees and especially industry watchers excited.  Equally as important is the Awards night that Hempfest Expo Calgary is hosting on the evening of Oct 12th. This HIGHly anticipated event is another aspect of Hempfest highlighting the people and players in Canada’s rapidly advancing cannabis / hemp industry. The big night will also feature networking, food vendors, a cash bar, open vendors booths for browsing or shopping – and celebrated local comedian Pete Zedlacher ( ) will send attendees home laughing!

** Note : All Hempfest events are 18 plus, proof of age is required.

When :
Hempfest Cannabis Expo – October 11 (3pm-8pm) + 12th (11am-4pm)
Hempfest Cup Awards Night – Oct 12th (7pm-9:30pm)

Where :
Big Four Building, Calgary Stampede Grounds, Calgary, AB

Learn More :
Hempfest Cannabis Cup:
Hempfest Calgary Expo:

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