Press Release: Green Flower and Worcester Polytechnic Institute Partner to Offer Cannabis Education Programs

Flexible online curriculum provides knowledge, skills, and certificates to help students succeed in rapidly-growing industry.

WORCESTER, Mass.July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Green Flower, a California-based education company focused on the cannabis industry, announced four new online certificate programs in partnership with Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

These certificate programs focus on the cannabis industry in four areas; business, law and policy, agriculture and horticulture, and healthcare and medicine. Offered in an online format and open to anyone over the age 18, the programs are designed to help students gain industry-specific knowledge and experience related to the rapidly developing industry. WPI is the first Massachusetts higher education institution to partner with Green Flower to offer the programs.

“Green Flower is thrilled to announce the launch of our partnership with WPI to offer education programs related to the legal cannabis industry,” said Daniel Kalef, Vice President of Higher Education University Partnerships at Green Flower. “We appreciate WPI working with us to expand opportunities in the cannabis industry for students in Worcester and beyond,” said Kalef.

Massachusetts generated $1.65 billion in total cannabis sales last year, supporting more than 27,000 legal cannabis jobs. According to the Leafly 2021 Jobs Report, Massachusetts has the fifth largest cannabis jobs market in the country. In the US, cannabis jobs are projected to increase by 250 percent by 2028, making it the fastest-growing industry in the nation.

Each certificate program consists of three eight-week courses and takes six months to complete. Expert instructors with experience in the cannabis industry lead the courses and are selected, vetted, and provided by Green Flower.

The programs are now open for enrollment with classes starting on September 5. The cost is $2,950 per program, with payment plans and financing options available to provide the highest degree of affordability possible to all students.

Upon completion of a cannabis certificate program, students will receive a digital badge credential issued by The Green Flower Institute and Worcester Polytechnic University. Students will also receive access to Green Flower’s robust employer network. For more information, visit

About Green Flower

Founded in 2014, Green Flower is the industry leader in cannabis education, empowering thousands of consumers, regulators, and professionals with the knowledge they need to succeed in the emerging cannabis industry today. Green Flower’s content and technology platform powers the cannabis programs of top universities and colleges across the country, provides customized learning and compliance solutions for cannabis businesses of all sizes, and equips individuals with the skills and credentials necessary to make an impact in the modern cannabis industry.

About Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester Polytechnic Institute holds firm to its founding mission to provide an education that balances theory with practice. Its aim is to create a quality experience for its students and a positive impact for its partner communities. The university’s curriculum features flexible, rigorous programs that are project-based and globally engaged. WPI faculty members work with students on interdisciplinary research with the goal of finding solutions to important and socially relevant problems.

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