Press Release: Vancouver company inks MDMA and psilocybin distribution agreement in Australia

Vancouver-based drug manufacturer and formulator Optimi Health has signed a distribution agreement to supply the Australian market with its MDMA formulation and psilocybin capsules.

The products will be exported to Australia by July 1, 2023, when authorized psychiatrists can begin prescribing MDMA and psilocybin for specific mental health conditions.

The distribution agreement is with Mind Medicine Australia (MMA), a leading charitable organization and patient advocacy group seeking to expand access to legal psychedelic-assisted therapies, and marks Optimi Health’s first international MDMA and psilocybin sale.

Optimi CEO, Bill Ciprick, called the deal a historic milestone in the ever-evolving psychedelic industry.

“Australia, much like Canada and other countries exploring psychedelic regulations, is in the midst of a crippling post-COVID mental health crisis,” said Ciprick. “We believe this deal is the first step in fulfilling a higher humanitarian purpose, one which our founders fully support in terms of providing a scalable and affordable product that is accessible to all Australians.”


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