Prohibition Partners Publish Oceana Report 2024

Here’s their blurb..

Prohibition Partners are proud to announce the publication of the Oceania Regulatory Report. 

The regulatory frameworks for legal cannabis in Australia and New Zealand share some top-level similarities; however, there are key differences.

Legalisation of adult-use cannabis was rejected in New Zealand in 2020 after a national referendum. Meanwhile, in Australia, there has been a groundswell in public opinion, making the birth of an adult-use market more likely in the coming years. 

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The two countries are undertaking reforms to their medical cannabis regulations that are the inverse of each other – New Zealand to lower the product quality standards required of domestic producers for exportation, and Australia to raise the product quality standards for imported non-domestic cannabis products. 

Both countries have taken the approach that CBD should be accessed via medical channels only, though both have recently passed legislation to make CBD products containing low levels of THC easier to access


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