Prohibition Partners report: On the 4th of March, the German Bundestag published the following parliamentary questions on the topic of medical cannabis along with the government’s responses.

Conor O’Brien, Analyst  for Prohibition Partners writes…


The questions were posed by MPs of the Die Linke (The Left) party and Prohibition Partners has delivered a full transcribe of the exchange in English with a simplified translation of the question and answer session.

Question 1

What is the maximum quantity of cannabis which could be imported under currently active licences?


Eighty-seven individual permits to import medical cannabis are currently active, with a total capacity for 191,090 kg/annum.

Prohibition Partners’ comment: The permits allow for different quantities, ranging from 10 to 23,240kg per annum with the average being 2,196kg per annum.

Question 2

What quantities of finished medicinal cannabis products have been imported to Germany since 2017?

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German Government Answers Questions on Medical Cannabis

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