Province’s Cannabis Beer Ready for Big Stage

It’s safer, it’s healthier, and it tastes better than beer. That is, according to some people at least.

Yes, we’re talking about Province Brands’ marquee product, a marijuana beer.

Meet the brainchild of Province Brands, Dooma Wendschuh.

Wendschuh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Province, a Toronto-based highly disruptive highly disruptive Toronto-based startup in Canada’s legal cannabis industry. Province’s products promise a better class of psychoactive, the first true alternative to alcohol.

Wendschuh may have something great on his hands. With the hopes of consuming marijuana in new ways, Canadians will undoubtedly be satisfied with Wendschuh’s cannabis beer concoction. This will be the world’s first beer brewed directly from cannabis rather than from barley.

The alcohol-free beer is set to hit the market in sometime in 2019, a time that many Canadians are anticipating with excitement.

Unique Product

Unlike most companies, who fuse cannabis with already-brewed alcohol, Province seeks to create a naturally-brewed product strictly from cannabis. This is very appealing for a lot of people. Instead of using grains, Province ferments from the cannabis and then removes the alcohol. Thus, the product is healthier than craft beers.

Wendschuh asserts that while the consumer will, of course, feel the effects of marijuana as opposed to alcohol, his company is fostering a safer and more health-conscious alternative to beer. Wendschuh is quick to point out the health benefits of marijuana on his website, and even speaks strongly about the downsides of both alcohol and caffeine.

Even though Wendschuh is establishing a new tradition of brewing, as he asserts, it’s still unclear as to where his cannabis drink will fit into the marketplace.

According to some consumers, the marijuana beer contains a rich, nutty flavor with a hint of a savory taste. The most important thing, of course, is that, since it is made with hops, the beverage tastes like beer. In terms of cognitive effects, the drink will be more akin to smoking marijuana rather than consuming an edible. Furthermore, the beverage is appealing to many people who are suffering from diabetes, as it’s low in both sugar and calories.

High Demand

Wendschuh is confident in the demand for marijuana beer. The only competition Province foresees is from Canopy and Constellation. Having said that, Wendschuh asserts that this competition is largely beneficial and will drive more people into the market.

The fact that a giant company is getting involved in our exact industry is amazing for us,” he says. “When you’re launching a new product category, you have to teach people what it is and how to use it. You have to educate people on it, so having a large company educate the consumers is going to be very helpful.”

Not only is Province brewing innovative and great-tasting beers, the company also holds desirable intellectual property, with some more attractive developments coming in the future. Ultimately, with an extensive breadth of experience and a highly collaborative environment, the team at Province is very excited about bringing their safer and healthier alternative to alcohol to the market very soon.

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