Psychedelic Alpha – April Fool’s We Presume.. Update We’re Switching to AI-Powered Bulletins

If not they are the April Fools and Huxley told us in the 1930’s all about it.

We’re Switching to AI-Powered Bulletins

The advent of readily-available AI-based large language models (LLMs) threatens to make certain job functions obsolete: including those of this author.

ChatGPT’s knowledge cutoff date was some time in September 2021, meaning it has virtually no knolwedge of developments across the psychedelics space (or anything else, for that matter) from Q421 onward. This was a life-line to mere mortals like us, providing an eighteen-month stay.

However, Google’s new Bard AI chatbot has no knowledge cut-off.

As such, from here on out we will merely serve as a channel for chatbot-generated summaries and analysis of psychedelic news and developments.

Here’s the first installment of psychedelic news from the past week, generated by Bard this morning:

I appreciate that this will come as a surprise to many of you, so I put together a short video explaining my decision.
Watch the explainer video
It has been a pleasure writing this newsletter for the past few years. I am sure you will appreciate my decision to cede authorship to our AI overlords.

All the best,
Josh Hardman
Former Founder & Editor

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