Psychedelic Spotlight Article: A (Living) List of North American Psychedelic Dispensaries



Dana Larsen’s Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary

Address: 651 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

This list wouldn’t be complete without the first and oldest shop in the game. Dana Larsen has been a plant medicine advocate for a long time, starting with cannabis (he opened up a medicinal cannabis dispensary in 2008) and now into psychedelics. The shop was founded in 2019, and sells DMT vapes, Amanita muscaria, dried psilocybin mushrooms, peyote cacti, mushroom teas, and more. In addition to a storefront, they also offer Canada-wide shipping. Want to shop here? Apply for membership first, then the store is your oyster.


Mushroom Cuts

Address: 1717 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC

A barbershop and a magic mushroom dispensary offering same day delivery in metro Vancouver. Might seem like a bit of a weird combo, but why not? It’s Canada!

Note: They have currently suspended in-person pickup and the showroom due to licensing issues, but we hope to see that resolved soon!



Address: 1181 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

Operating similarly to all other brick-and-mortar mushroom dispensaries, Zoomers requests potential customers to apply for membership and self-diagnose with an ailment that psilocybin could offer help for before being allowed to shop there. Their product offerings are vast and impressive– edibles and tinctures are available in all forms, from elixirs to chocolates to candies, and raw mushroom strains number around 30, according to Insider’s last visit there.


Fungi Shop

Address: 925 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC

Opened in 2021, Fungi Shop is woman-owned and caters to those looking for a recreational experience or beginning a journey in microdosing. The shop features beautiful mushroom art by local artists. Owner Kaitie Degen offers sweet treats, gummies, chocolate bars, and more.




Address: 488 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

We were the first on the scene to cover Shroomyz’s expansion to Toronto– this isn’t the store’s first location– that one is over in the nation’s capital, Ottawa. It’s cute, small, and colourful, and features a bright, custom mural depicting the Toronto skyline and the shop’s name, as well as some mushroom lights and green, cozy decor. Like Zoomer’s and Dana Larsen’s dispensaries, Shroomyz requires a membership application before allowing shoppers to purchase product, and, currently, only takes cash. Don’t have any? Don’t worry– they’ve got an ATM inside to make sure you’re never left wanting. Raw mushrooms, microdoses, mushroom tea and more are all made available and at your disposal.

Editor’s Note: Shroomyz Toronto was raided by the police on November 13th, 2022. See story here



Address: 363 Preston Street, Unit 1, Ottawa, Ontario

The original Shroomyz still shines bright like a diamond in Canada’s capital. Opened in May 2022, it’s faced no legal troubles and continues to operate to this day, even expanding, as we’ve mentioned, to Ontario capital and cultural hub, Toronto. Shroomyz currently offers six strains, and sells raw mushrooms starting from seven grams. 


The Golden Teacher

Address: 399 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa, Ontario

The Golden Teacher calls itself a “grey area research facility” and sells various mushroom products to those interested. They recently launched their own trip-accompanying product– Shroom Notes, for jotting down all your wavy thoughts. The Golden Teacher comes highly recommended– conversations and reviews on Reddit say the staff are knowledgeable and kind, and the store is clean and well-mainted. The Golden Teacher also sells regular, functional mushroom products– things like chaga tea and immunity-boosting tinctures come to mind– in addition to psilocybin products.


Professor Seagull’s Smart Shop

Address: 1351 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA

A “smart shop” is a term used for a store that sells legal ethenogens, after-party care, and other things adjacent to drug use, but not outwardly selling drugs. While America still teeters between votes on decriminlization across states, some folks are taking matters into their own hands, and opening up shop however they can. Professor Seagull’s Smart Shop is located in San Francisco, and sells psychoactive wares like Egyptian Blue Lotus, African Dream Seed, kratom, and more. 


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A (Living) List of North American Psychedelic Dispensaries

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