Psychedelics: The Revolution Will Be Monetized & Trademarked

Two pieces of corporate “psychedelic” news filtered through the grapevine today.

We notice via Linked In this morning that one Mr Linton is moving into the space (we’ll hold back on any psychedelic puns at this juncture about space and time) and we also learn that a California company has trademarked the word Psilocybin in order to sell chocolate.

Firstly Mr Linton tells Benzinga

Bruce Linton Talks Psychedelics Investments, Microdosing And LSD: ‘The Therapeutic Potential Of Psychedelics Is Greater Than Cannabinoids’

Earlier this year, Canopy Growth CGC 2.31% co-founder and former CEO Bruce Linton invested in a neuropharmaceutical company, Mind Medicine Inc.

MindMed is a psychedelic research company that’s developing non-hallucinogenic medicine from psychedelic sources. The company has also welcomed Linton to its board of directors.

The 53-year-old entrepreneur told Benzinga he plans to spend 2020 searching for new business ideas and will start a new business in 2021.

From Cannabis To Psychedelics

Linton has long found the psychedelics sector to be compelling, Linton said. 

“Prohibition or poor regulatory frameworks globally don’t mean that the underlying regulated substances are in fact terrible. The therapeutic potential of psychedelics is greater than cannabinoids, for sure.”

Supporting a company developing psychedelic substances for medicinal purposes is the best way to rediscover the therapeutic potential of certain plants and mushrooms that have long been banned by the FDA, he said. 

“The whole point of this exercise is to build a large platform company that welcomes many, many research projects … and turns them into finished outcomes that create therapeutic benefit,” Linton said in reference to his involvement with Mind Medicine.

Once the therapeutic properties of psychedelics in treating conditions like ADHD, opioid addiction and severe depression are acknowledged, their histories of prohibition will be irrelevant, the cannabis exec said. 

In that sense, the process for legalizing these substances is similar to cannabis, he said: a change in public perception is the main tool in fighting prohibition.

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Also, Marijuana Moment have this report about a California company registering  the word Psilocybin

They write

As psychedelics reform efforts pick up across the U.S., there’s an increasing weariness among advocates about the potential corporatization that may follow.

That’s why many found it alarming when a California-based company announced on Thursday that it had successfully trademarked the word “psilocybin,” the main psychoactive constituent of so-called magic mushrooms.

Psilocybin™ is a brand of chocolates that do not contain the psychedelic itself but are meant to “begin educating, enlightening and supporting the community in upgrading their inner vibrations in order to get everything they want of their time here on earth,”


Read the rest of their mission statement  by clicking  the image below

You may wish to vomit, so keep a bucket nearby.

Here’s some more faux psychedelic marketing goblededook and here at CLR we’re looking to the skies and hoping Ken Kesey will come back to whoever is responsible, in their dreams, to have a quiet but firm word with them.

Each chocolate bar has been designed for a very deep and cosmic awakening, the packaging begins to shift your vibration and our three bars will each create a different effect on your body, mind and soul. Take the time to read the Download on opening the vibrational portal inside of your chocolate bar, these ritual enhancing words will enliven the shift you set your intention to


MM add

“It’s certainly good for her business to have that mark, but I think at the end of the day, it’s going to be somewhat weak,” Larry Sandell, an intellectual property attorney at Mei & Mark LLP, told Marijuana Moment. He added that this example is “indicative that people are trying to stake early claims to IP.”

“Even if they might be somewhat overreaching, people see a potential new market here and they want to stake out their ground,” he said. “It’s a big next space that people are anticipating a legal market. Maybe it’s where cannabis was five to 10 years ago.”

Read their full report at

Company Gets Trademark For The Word ‘Psilocybin,’ Frustrating Decriminalization Advocates


Finally for those of you who might have noticed the musical allusion in the headline here are two songs from the great Gil Scott Heron to remind us that art will always triumph over commerce.

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