Psymposia Report: MAPS Canada’s Data Breach Foreshadows Corporadelic Future

Psymposia report…..On Sep 23, 2021, Psymposia staff received an email from the personal email account of Mark Haden — the former Executive Director of psychedelic nonprofit MAPS Canada and current Director of Clinical Trials for Psygen Inc. The email promoted a panel hosted by Clearmind Medicine, a company for which Haden sits on the advisory board.

“You are receiving this communication, as I believe you’re interested in events in the psychedelic community,” the email reads. “I intend to periodically send out information about events, publications and news stories that are relevant to those who are interested in our global process of turning psychedelics into medicines. If you’re not interested in receiving these, please unsubscribe to this list below. I won’t take it personally as I understand the concept of a full inbox.” The email went on to advertise a panel about using the drug MEAI to treat alcoholism.

It was not initially clear why Psymposia had received this email, having never signed up for a mailing list from Haden. Psymposia began receiving messages from others who had received this same unsolicited message and found a post on the r/PsychededicTherapy subreddit titled, “Anyone else getting unsolicited e-mails from Mark Hayden?

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MAPS Canada’s Data Breach Foreshadows Corporadelic Future

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